In the first decade of the 21st century the International Campaign vs second hand smoking in public, hence in- and outside was started upon the publication of a Dutch paperarticle: 'Less heartattacks in a smokefree town': the city being Helena in Montana.

The protection vs second hand smoke can ofcourse only be achieved through a prohibition of smoking in public.

Unnecessary to say that besides the majority of non-smokers, also a number of smokers is very happy with the campaign: it helps us to get rid of our addiction, they say.


At first, the campaign was conducted through a petition. Later the strategy was changed into the approach of Dutch and other prominent individuals and organizations, representing a variety of backgrounds: from Olympic champs to the president of the Dutch Central bank and pianist Wibi Soerjadi.
So far about a hundred and forty prominents sent a letter of recommendation.


Upon seeing in 2012 the 6 minute internetreport Malawi's tobacco-children, concerning childslavery on tobacco-plantations, in the Belgian news, their shocking situation was added as second issue.


Who is part of the group of prominents?


Dutch individuals:


 A. Adank LLM

Frédérique Ankoné

prof dr Bernard Bichakjian

Peter Blangé

drs Harry van Bommel

Richard Bottram

John van den Brom

prof dr Hans Büller

prof dr Erik Buskens

prof dr Hans Clevers

drs Victor DeConinck

prof dr José van Dijck

prof dr Robbert Dijkgraaf

Pieter van Elteren

Bas van de Goor

prof dr Hans Grobbée

dr Michal Heger

Wouter Olde Heuvel

Ria Olde Heuvel

prof dr Leonard Hofstra

prof dr Maria Hopman

drs Jérôme de Jong van Lier LLM

prof dr Herre Kingma

Annemarie Klostermann LLM

prof dr Klaas Knot

Victoria Koblenko

Jan Koehorst

Ronald Koeman

Antoon Kox

Chjanoy Kromowidjojo

Netty Kromowidjojo

Ranomi Kromowidjojo

Rudi Kromowidjojo  

drs Björn Kuipers

drs Gerd Leers

Josine Leers LLM

dr Pim van Lommel

drs Roy Martina

drs Marcel Messing

Babette Meulenbelt

Jan Herman Mogendorff

dr J. Molema 

drs Jan Nieuwenhuis

Nanny Nooijen 

Tom Okker

Miriam Oremans

Jan Paalman

prof dr Mark Post 

prof dr Dirkje Postma

drs Gustave Raaijmakers

prof dr Lucas Reijnders 

dr Alexander Rinnooy Kan

Lone van Roosendaal

Charl de Roy van Zuydewijn 

Dorian van Rijsselberghe 

prof dr Onno van Schaijck

prof dr Erik Scherder

drs Leon van Schie LLM

Jan Schinkelshoek

prof dr Ton Schoffelmeer

drs Ignace Schretlen

prof dr Guus Schrijvers 

Joyce Schulte LLM

drs Martin Sitalsing

Jan Smeets

Wibi Soerjadi

drs Paul van Spiegel

Gerard Spong LLM

Roeland Storm LLM

prof dr Dick Swaab

drs R. Trossèl

Jan van der Valk LLM

dr P. van der Valk

drs J. Vellenga

dr Mirjam van Velthoven

dr Jacques Vink

Jeanne Vink

Simon Vroemen

prof dr Leo Wetzels

Frans Willeme LLM

Rob Witschge

Ron Zwerver



Dutch organizations:


Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital / René Medema 

Astmafonds Twente

de Biltstars


Gerrit Komrijcollege

FC Twente / Joop Munsterman

I Care productions/Jeroen Plemp



KNVB/Michael van Praag

KWF/Jeroen Meerburg

NOC-NSF/André Bolhuis


Players United 

PSV/Toon Gerbrands

RvB Radboud hospital

Sap advocaten
Ski-vereniging Nederland

Solfilm produkties


UMC Utrecht/prof dr J. Kimpen

Dutch Association of medical specialists

Zorgverzekeraars NL

International individuals:


prof dr Roger Blanpain

Rev. Marc Blessing

prof dr Allan Brandt

dr Patricia Daly

Richard Davies

dr Ronny Dharmawan

dr Hans Diehl

Sandra Gittleman

Stuart Gittleman

dr Hans Grönefeld

prof dr Steven Gundry

dr Hermann Heeger

dr Eric Heiden

Dan Jansen

dr A. Keivanjah

drs Rollo Koevoet

dr Stuart Kreisman

Jos Lansink 

drs Kok Lo 

Ruth Munn

dr Volker Pannen

Derek Parra

Errol Povah

dr dr Friedrich Portheine

dr Rhodes Rigsby 

dr Jacques Rogge

dr Amrane Rouar 

Andrea Scholand

Phil Shaw

dr Max Testa

dr Heiko de Vries 

drs Ben van der Weiden LLM and colleagues


International organizations


Church of the Seventh Day AdventistsEuregiokliniek 

Europian Olympic Committee

International Olympic Committee

Loma Linda University

Paulinen hospital

Physicians for a smokefree Canada


In October 2015 a highly unexpected and remarkable meeting took place: Nobelpeaceprizelaureate 2014 mr Kailash Satyarthi and his spouse paid a visit to a longtime befriended couple in Europe. In connection with the campaign I was invited to assist their public presentation.


During the event I even was able to speak briefly to both husband and wife, which made me feel very privileged. His reaction to the campaign was very positive: 'very good. I never smoked in my whole life'.


The couple did not show any diva behavior.